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Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems


Arco Refrigeration offers a range of exceptional value air conditioning systems for residential and commercial applications. There are lots of distinct and considerable advantages in purchasing air conditioning system from an electrical appliance store compared with buying from a knowledgeable and experienced specialist like Arco Refrigeration.


Arco Refrigeration can perform detail design and assessment of your air conditioning needs and recommend and install air conditioning solutions that matched you all year heating and cooling demands with consideration given to all aspect of air conditioning such as comfort level, power usage, environmental issues and aesthetics of the installation within consideration of your budget.

Commercial Air conditioning systems

Arco can also provide a dependable after sales service and warrantee backed by its extensive experience in reliable services in customer satisfaction. in The event a breakdown be assured that Arco Refrigeration will be there promptly and will take the time to get your system fully operational with minimum disturbance.

Arco Refrigeration offers a regular preventative maintenance program

Ongoing regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will protect your investment,minimise running costs and ensure your system is working in its optimum designed capacity and will prevent surprise breakdowns and discomfort .

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