Cool Rooms | Freezer Room | Clean Room

With more than 18 years’  experience designing, building and installing cool rooms, freezer rooms and clean rooms of various sizes, Arco Refrigeration is well qualified to meet your unique requirements. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, expertise and adherence to project budgets.

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate products are used for maximum efficiency in your commercial environment.

You need to talk to the people who know the business of keeping your business cool, Our goal is to provide clients with a variety of ways in which they could protect their products, working conditions to increase productivity.

Arco Refrigeration believes in great customer service, so we work closely with our clients to design and construct a custom made cool room or freezer room to meet their specifications. No job is too small or too difficult -. And we offer an after sales service that is second to none. All our cool rooms meet Australian regulatory standards.

An installation schedule is made to cause as little disruption to our customers’ business as possible.

Ongoing regular maintenance of your refrigeration system will protect your investment,minimise running costs and ensure your system is working in its optimum designed capacity and will prevent surprise breakdowns and  business disruptions.

  • Design and engineering
  • Supply and installation of Freezer room
  • Supply and installation of cool room
  • Supply and installation of Clean room
  • Repair of cool rooms and freezer rooms
  • We Specialise in restaurant cool rooms, butchery cool rooms, pub cool rooms hotel cool rooms laboratory cool rooms
  • Project management
  • Service and maintenance